Monday Night PLC and Troop Committee Meeting – 7 AUG at 700pm

Troop 216,

Just a friendly reminder that we will be having a PLC and Troop committee
meeting next Monday 7 AUG. The change from the normal 2nd Monday is due to
a Recruiting event taking place on Monday 14 AUG at two
separate locations. With that said, I am looking for adult and Scout
volunteers to represent the Troop at the Open house night for Both Woodland
and Liberty Middle School from 600-830pm on 14 AUG. More details to follow
on this in future mailings and next Monday.

On another note, last month’s combined Troop committee / PLC meeting had
great attendance. If it weren’t for the extra adults that showed up to the
meeting we would have never had known about the recruitment opportunity on
14 AUG. In addition, over 10 scouts attended the PLC, providing activity
and agenda direction for the upcoming school/scout year. Some information
was sent out about Sea Base options for next year. It is highly advised
that a decision be made on that Monday night before spots fill up. If any
parents have any questions on cost and logistics for Sea Base, please reach
out to Christin Rigoni our activities coordinator. Hope to see you on


Mike OKoniewski
Troop Committee Chair