Troop 216 Merit Badge Counselor List

(Eagle Required in Blue)

Citizenship in the Community

Mike O’Koniewski

Citizenship in the Nation
Citizenship in the World
  • ***Counselor needed***
  • ***Counselor needed***
Digital Technology
Emergency Preparedness
Environmental Science
Family Life
  • ***Counselor needed***
First Aid
  • ***Councilor Needed***
Personal Fitness
Personal Management
Public Speaking

If you haven’t yet, won’t you consider merit badge counseling?  Everyone can do it.  The steps are simple:

  1. Register as a Scouter
  2. Update or certify your YPT online,
  3. Select the topics you enjoy,
  4. Visit the Council website for instructions to apply.

Here are a few notes on the subject of merit badge counseling:

  • This is an opportunity to pass on your expertise or passion for a career, interest, or hobby.
  • There are 137 merit badge topics ready to go.  The teaching programs are all laid out. Information about requirements and worksheets associated with your merit badge can be found at
  • There are a myriad of resources, including:
    • Merit Badge Books with everything anyone would need to know about the topic.
    • Worksheets to help Scouts follow a prescribed program in meeting requirements.
    • Online Powerpoint presentations, put together by experienced counselors, Youtube videos, etc.
    • You can tailor a program to the limits of your own creativity as long as the Scout meets the requirements
  • Merit Badge Requirements
    • Are specific:
      • There’s not much discernment required.
      • Either Scouts meet them or they don’t.
    • Don’t just start off with the word “describe.”
      • All subjects have performance requirements starting with words like “Do” and “Demonstrate.”
    • Counselors need only:
      • Be 21 or over and registered as an Adult Scouter
      • Current on Youth Protection Training – this is an easy 20 minute program at the National BSA website.
      • Fill out an application.
      • There is no cost to apply.
    • Merit Badge Counseling takes very little time.
      • A counselor for several merit badges might have 8-10 consults per year.
        • Consults can take place a half hour before a Troop Meeting – when you are already in the mode of bringing your son to a meeting.
      • Consults can be done in groups and in fact this is encouraged.
      • You can counsel up to four merit badges, per Council rules.
        • The benefits of passing on what you know:
        • Are immeasurable.
        • You will get much more out this program than what you will put into it.
        • You are sure to find subjects you know and enjoy.
        • You may likely end up as a role model or as a mentor to a youth you introduce to a career or hobby.
      • All details, including a video on Merit Badge Counselor Training, are at the Troop website “Welcome Materials” page.

The 30 minute video below details the entire process and subject of merit badge counseling.  It does an excellent job of answering many questions about the subject.