Leadership Guidebooks

Download the Leadership Guidebook and specific leadership position sheets from the links below.  All are in PDF file form requiring Acrobat Reader to view them.

The “Leadership Guidebook” is a prologue to all of the other Leadership Position Sheets. The Guidebook contains general information and agreements for Parent(s) & Scout(s). Also found in the Leadership Guidebook are Lessons Learned and Scout Performance Feedback forms. These forms help institute expectations and foster a culture of constant improvement in the Troop 216 Program.

Leadership Guidebook

Below are specific duties and expectations of the leadership positions within the Troop.  These are meant as a guide so the creativity of the individual is allowed to augment the execution of the office.

Senior Patrol Leader
Assistant Senior Patrol Leader
Patrol Leader
Assistant Patrol Leader
Chaplain’s Aide
Order of the Arrow Representative
Den Chief
Troop Guide
Junior Assistant Scoutmaster

Troop Meeting Planner

A simple meeting planner for the SPL Corps, this is an editable Microsoft Word file useful in Troop Meeting planning.  It simply coordinates who will be doing what at each meeting and can help organize planning by filling one out for each Troop Meeting, planned at the PLC.

Planning Worksheet

In planning any activity, a Scout would find this document useful in filling in all the key items needed to successfully complete a project or organize an event.