Fishing Shirt Order ?

Troop 216,

Now is the time to order fishing shirts if we want to have them for summer
camp this year. The bad news is, the ones from field and stream are no
longer available. The good news is, I found some equivalent quality ones
on AMAZON. See the links below for options. There are two ways to do
this. I could solicit orders from everyone and make one purchase. Or you
can buy your shirts on your own and then I will coordinate with BJ
printables on having the embroidery done. If you’re going to order a
shirt, just let me know what color and what size just for tracking
purposes. I think the easiest way is to have everyone order their own
shirt, then do the embroidery later. THere are still at least 5 shirts
left from the last order, all grey and in larger sizes. The options below
are navy blue or Grey.

Mike O