1/14/2019 Troop meeting – 8 PM discussion about Summer Camp

Good snowy afternoon to everyone!

Your scouts have narrowed down their choices for 2019 summer camp to the
following 2 locations:

*Ingersoll Scout Ranch* – isrsummercamp.org/ (more information) –
see attached registration form for camp dates

*S bar F Scout Ranch – Famous Eagle* (same location as last year) –
stlbsa.org/s-bar-f-scout-ranch/ (dates and more information)

*Scoutmaster Gill will NOT be available to attend summer camp* this year
due to his commitment with the Troop’s 2019 Philmont Trek crew, taking
place from 7/15 to 7/27 not including travel days there and back.

Therefore, other adults are needed to take the lead on providing adult
leadership and planning for this year’s summer camp opportunity for our
younger scouts and those not going to Philmont. There is the potential for
6-12 Arrow of Light scouts to cross over to our Troop in the next several
months, so we fully anticipate a large number of scouts attending summer
camp. Summer camp is great opportunity for scouts to work on rank
advancements and earn several merit badges.

Before Monday night’s Troop meeting, please review the above website links;
paying close attention to camping weeks. The longer we wait to reserve a
campsite at one of these locations, the less likely we will get a desirable
week and campsite.

We are asking all adults that are interested in attending camp OR with
Scouts interested in attending, to *arrive by 8:00 PM on Monday night* to
have a group discussion about dates, adult participation, location,
planning, etc.

EHS Summer School dates: 6/4 to 7/17 (6 wk session) & 6/4 to 6/25 (3 wk
Anticipated EHS Marching Band Camp dates: weeks of 7/29 and 8/5 (School
Board approves 2019-2020 school year calendar at their 1/14 meeting).

Thank you.

Troop Committee members


Fwd: 1/26/19 University of Scouting registration details

REMINDER…click on the below registration link for full details; the Class
Attendees Count (.pdf) document shows open spots for both adult sessions
and Scout merit badge sessions (pages 14-15). There are Scout College
sessions available for both adults and scouts plus Youth Leadership College
training (page 20).


———- Forwarded message ———
From: Troop 216 <troop216.bsa@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, Nov 8, 2018 at 11:51 PM
Subject: 1/26/19 University of Scouting registration details – register


* Saturday, January 26Southern Illinois University Edwardsville**Registration
now open
<www.scoutingevent.com/312-2019universityofscouting> (click on this
link for times and registration details)*

*Troop 216 scouts and adults wishing to attend. Registration and
transportation is your own responsibility!*

Blue Card Printing Instructions for Scouts

University of Scouting is a day-long event that offers the widest variety
of training opportunities, in all program areas, all in one place! You will
find just about anything to do with Scouting at University of Scouting
whether you are a Scout, leader, commissioner, or parent! And be sure to
visit the midway where local companies and organizations will be set up to
show off their upcoming opportunities.

Here is just a sample of classes you will find at University of Scouting:

– *Unit Commissioner Basic Training *— This is your first step as a new
unit commissioner. Learn the responsibilities of this position and how to
accomplish those tasks.
– *ECSI First Aid Training *– Learn the basics of First Aid and CPR such
as rescue breathing, soft tissue injuries and broken bones. Choose from the
morning session or afternoon session.
– *Character Development *— As a leader, you will learn how Cub Scouting
is designed to help develop good character and positive attitudes in our
youth. This session also discusses the 12 core values.
– *Add “Sizzle” to Your Unit Program* — If your troop is bored with the
same program year after year, spice things up with these tips for
incorporating new and exciting events and activities!
– *BSA High Adventure *– Philmont, Northern Tier and others. Learn about
these great programs, registration procedures and preparation for
participation, as well as other awesome high-adventure opportunities!
– *Special Needs Overview *— Every unit has at least one Scout with
Special Needs, which includes autism, attention deficit disorder,
Asperger’s Syndrome, asthma, diabetes, hearing or visual impairment and
many others. Learn about the tools available to you when dealing with these


CANCELED – January 11-13th – Beaumont Cabin camping; alternative visit to Klondike offered

Good evening,

Tonight the Troop Committee discussed this coming weekend’s camping
activity. Due to the unpredictable forecast for snow and lack of adequate
adult participation, a decision was made to cancel.

As an alternative activity, Steve Kupsky, Troop Committee member and our
Unit Commissioner, has graciously offered to take any interested scouts to
Camp Warren Levis to check out the annual Klondike event being held there.
He will depart from First Christian Church parking lot at 10 AM and return
by 2 PM. Ideally, he would like another adult to accompany him he has
limited seating capacity and per BSA rules, he must transport at least 2 or
more scouts. If you are interested in participating, please contact Steve
directly at 314/265-8360 (text message) by Friday noon. Thank you.


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From: Troop 216 <troop216.bsa@gmail.com>
Date: Sat, Jan 5, 2019 at 10:43 AM
Subject: Fwd: January 11-13th – Beaumont Cabin camping – permission slip
due by 7:30 PM @ January 7th Troop meeting for meal planning

REMINDER: permission slips are due by 7:30 PM at tomorrow night’s meeting
to allow for meal and shopping planning. Thank you.

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From: Troop 216 <troop216.bsa@gmail.com>
Date: Sun, Dec 30, 2018 at 7:59 PM
Subject: January 11-13th – Beaumont Cabin camping – permission slip due by
7:30 PM @ January 7th Troop meeting for meal planning

See the attached permission slip for all details. *PLEASE return signed
permission slip and payment to Mrs. Gill by 7:30 PM on Monday, January 7,
2018. *

*NOTE: If unable to make Jan. 7th meeting but planning to attend campout,
please notify Mrs. Gill by 7:00 that evening by texting her at


URGENT – more Adult participation required for this weekend’s campout

Presently, 2 out of the 3 attending adults need to depart on Saturday
afternoon/evening, leaving Scoutmaster Gill as the remaining adult. This
is problematic due to 2 deep adult guidelines and return transportation for
12-13 scouts.

1) At the minimum, in order to proceed with the campout, we need 2
additional adults to commit to camping on Saturday night and transporting
scouts home on Sunday.

2) Plan to depart on Saturday afternoon together, but the Troop
(participants) would still be responsible for $80/night cabin fee (Beaumont
requires 2-night reservation).

3) Cancel the activity. Diane Gill is checking to see if there is a
cancellation cost.

I final decision on how to proceed will occur at tomorrow night’s Troop
Committee meeting, so please reply by 6:30 PM tomorrow night. Thank you.