Environmental Science Merit Badge Workshop this Saturday! PLEASE READ

At least 20 of our scouts have completed at least 1 requirement for the
Environmental Science merit badge. Megan from the Edwardsville Watershed
has offered to help us complete a large portion of this badge within 2
hours this weekend. We will be able complete at least 5 of the
requirements at the Watershed with some fun hands on activities. Please
review with your scouts and encourage them to attend this Saturday. We
will meet at the Watershed at 8:30AM (Watershed Nature Center, 1591 Tower
Avenue, Edwardsville, Illinois 62025). We are planning to complete this
within 2 hours. You are welcome to stay and hang out or just pick them up
at 10:30.

Please text me at 314-809-3267 or email me at albert@arnoldcompany.com if
your scout is able to attend. I just want to make sure we have a decent
showing for Megan’s time. Environmental Science is an Eagle required merit
badge, so this is a great opportunity to achieve this task.

Cole or Adrian, you might want to think about sharing this with your
Patrol Leaders if possible.

Thank you,