Fwd: Troop 8216 charter renewal

*From:* Tara Kuhne <teeku2002@yahoo.com>
*Date:* November 13, 2022 at 14:47:51 CST
*To:* Tim Valley <T_Valley@yahoo.com>, Mike O’Koniewski <okie135@yahoo.com>,
Mark Mason <matlsguy00@gmail.com>, Barb Kane <barbek618@yahoo.com>, Albert
Middeke <atmiddeke@aol.com>, Brian Heil <big_b_heil@yahoo.com>, Steven
Kupsky <skupsky1@charter.net>
*Subject:* *Troop 8216 charter renewal–this is my final final
version—ready to send out*

Hello Troop 216 families,

There is a lot of information in this email so please read it in its
entirety. The troop is starting the 2023 BSA recharter process. We were
able to make last year’s renewal process relatively painless and simple if
the following information is gathered ahead of time. Please respond to the
leaders in this email or contact me at any of the troop meetings or text or
call. We would like to have the renewal process completed by Dec. 15th so
the sooner we can get the information, the better. I would appreciate it.

*For Adults:*

1. Are you renewing for 2023?
2. The renewal fee is $45 unless you are a merit badge counselor only,
then there is no fee but I will need to know this.
3. Is your YPT current? If not, please complete ASAP.
4. How will you be paying for your renewal? Cash, check, Paypal, scout
account? See Tara Kuhne or Tim Valley for the balances for the Scout
account. See payment notes *in bold* below.
5. Are you keeping the same troop position? If not, I need to know that
position to which position you are changing.
6. We are also collecting OA dues at this time and will pay that for you
if you like (optional). Annual lodge dues are $15.
7. If you are registered and paying with a different Troop/Pack, please
let me know this and who you are paying to so that I can enter this in the

*For Scouts*:

1. Are you renewing for 2023?

2. The renewal fee is $75.

3. If you registering as a scout for the first time, there is a $25 fee.

4. Do you want the Boy’s Life magazine? If so, this is $15 for the year.

5. We are asking that the Troop dues of $40 are paid at this time
however, it is not mandatory. If you choose not to pay at this time, then
the dues are $10 a quarter.

6. We are also collecting OA dues at this time. The annual dues are $15.

6. You can pay all the fees either by cash, check, Paypal, or through
your Scout account.

*Payment Notes:*

* ***If you are paying through Paypal—in the comments section,
please enter:*

* 1. the scouts and/or adult name ($45 for adults, $75 for

* 2. if the amount includes Boy’s Life magazine ($15)*

* 3. if you are paying for the Troop yearly dues ($40)*

* 4. if you are changing positions within the troop*

* 5. if annual OA dues are being paid for your scout (15$)*

* The troop Paypal account is troop216.bsa@gmail.com
<troop216.bsa@gmail.com>. *

* If paying cash, check or via the scout account, you can pay at
a troop meeting or you can also send a check to the address below but
please let Tim or me know so that we can track payments. If you are paying
by check, please include the same information with a note as requested

* Tim Valley (Troop 216) *

* 121 E. Willow Bend Dr.*

* Glen Carbon, IL 62034*

****If you are unable to pay any of the fees, please contact Tara Kuhne or
Tim Valley. The Troop has funds set aside for this reason. We don’t want
any Scout not to be able to participate due to financial concerns.*

Please let me know if you have any questions. You can contact me at a
meeting or by email at teeku2002@yahoo.com or by phone at (618) 334-8352.

I appreciate your help in getting the information to me ASAP.

Tara Kuhne