Need patches sewn onto your BSA uniform?

Carol Klaustermeier in Troy, retired former co-owner (with her husband Ron)
of A&R Paints & Crafts, does BSA patch sewing out of her house now and
would be happy for more Scout business. I had Carol do some patch removals
and additions for my uniform recently, and she told me that most
people don’t know she still does it. I told her I’d spread the word
within my troop. I think herf rates are very reasonable ($1.50 for each
patch sewn on and 75 cents for each patch removed) and she typically can
turn around a ‘job’ in just a few days.

Here is Carol’s contact info and say hello to Ron if he answers the phone
or greets you at their house.

*Cell Phone: 618-975-2079*

*Home Phone: 618-667-6211*

*Address: 323 Staunton Road, Troy IL*

— Steve Kupsky