URGENT – more Adult participation required for this weekend’s campout

Presently, 2 out of the 3 attending adults need to depart on Saturday
afternoon/evening, leaving Scoutmaster Gill as the remaining adult. This
is problematic due to 2 deep adult guidelines and return transportation for
12-13 scouts.

1) At the minimum, in order to proceed with the campout, we need 2
additional adults to commit to camping on Saturday night and transporting
scouts home on Sunday.

2) Plan to depart on Saturday afternoon together, but the Troop
(participants) would still be responsible for $80/night cabin fee (Beaumont
requires 2-night reservation).

3) Cancel the activity. Diane Gill is checking to see if there is a
cancellation cost.

I final decision on how to proceed will occur at tomorrow night’s Troop
Committee meeting, so please reply by 6:30 PM tomorrow night. Thank you.