1/14/2019 Troop meeting – 8 PM discussion about Summer Camp

Good snowy afternoon to everyone!

Your scouts have narrowed down their choices for 2019 summer camp to the
following 2 locations:

*Ingersoll Scout Ranch* – isrsummercamp.org/ (more information) –
see attached registration form for camp dates

*S bar F Scout Ranch – Famous Eagle* (same location as last year) –
stlbsa.org/s-bar-f-scout-ranch/ (dates and more information)

*Scoutmaster Gill will NOT be available to attend summer camp* this year
due to his commitment with the Troop’s 2019 Philmont Trek crew, taking
place from 7/15 to 7/27 not including travel days there and back.

Therefore, other adults are needed to take the lead on providing adult
leadership and planning for this year’s summer camp opportunity for our
younger scouts and those not going to Philmont. There is the potential for
6-12 Arrow of Light scouts to cross over to our Troop in the next several
months, so we fully anticipate a large number of scouts attending summer
camp. Summer camp is great opportunity for scouts to work on rank
advancements and earn several merit badges.

Before Monday night’s Troop meeting, please review the above website links;
paying close attention to camping weeks. The longer we wait to reserve a
campsite at one of these locations, the less likely we will get a desirable
week and campsite.

We are asking all adults that are interested in attending camp OR with
Scouts interested in attending, to *arrive by 8:00 PM on Monday night* to
have a group discussion about dates, adult participation, location,
planning, etc.

EHS Summer School dates: 6/4 to 7/17 (6 wk session) & 6/4 to 6/25 (3 wk
Anticipated EHS Marching Band Camp dates: weeks of 7/29 and 8/5 (School
Board approves 2019-2020 school year calendar at their 1/14 meeting).

Thank you.

Troop Committee members