Fwd: Scouting for Food – Bag Drop-off – This Saturday, Nov 13th at 9:00 AM

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From: Tim Valley <t_valley@yahoo.com>
Date: Thu, Nov 11, 2021 at 9:06 AM
Subject: Scouting for Food – Bag Drop-off – This Saturday, Nov 13th at 9:00
To: Troop 216 <troop216.bsa@gmail.com>
Cc: Mime Okonewski <okie135@yahoo.com>, MICHAEL J. Lt Col USAF ANG 126
OG/OSK <michael.okoniewski.1@us.af.mil>

Please email the following message to the Troop regarding Scouting for
Food. Thanks!


Hello Troop 216!

*Scouting for Food* *Bag Drop-Off *is this Saturday, 11/13/20 at 9:00 AM.
We will meet at Edison’s (Edison’s Entertainment Complex) at 2477 Illinois
Route 157 in Edwardsville. Hot chocolate and donuts will be provided 🙂

Our Troop is covering a different, and larger area, than we have in the
past so we can use as many people as possible.

Once everyone assembles Mr. Valley will hand out the bags as well as maps
of our designated area. We hope everyone can help…and especially need
adults to help transport given the large area to cover.

We will send out another email next week regarding *Bag Pick-Up *the
following Saturday 11/20/20 (also meeting at Edison’s).

Please wear your Class A uniform and appropriate footwear. In addition to
taking part in this great cause, your participation will count for service
hours and as an activity for rank advancement.

Mr. Valley can be reached by cell phone at (314) 378-8140, or at
T_Valley@yahoo.com at any time for questions, updates, etc.

We look forward to seeing you Saturday morning.

-Tim Valley