Fwd: UPDATE re: 2019 Summer Camp – early bird registration fee due by 4/22; schedule MD appt for Medical Form completion

Sharing this information for our new scouts and as a reminder to others
about Summer Camp registration deadlines. Scroll down for complete
details. If your scout is attending summer camp, please be sure to have
him submit his Merit Badge selection page as soon as possible before
classes start to fill up – see below for full details.

Also don’t forget BSA Medical forms (blank form is attached) are *due by
June 10th* for Summer Camp and Philmont scouts and adults!


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From: Troop 216 <troop216.bsa@gmail.com>
Date: Sun, Mar 10, 2019 at 3:08 PM
Subject: UPDATE re: 2019 Summer Camp – early bird registration fee due by
4/22; schedule MD appt for Medical Form completion

The Troop has secured the week of July 7th – 13th to attend summer camp at
Ingersoll Scout Reservation. Please completely review the Leaders Guide
for full details.

*Early bird registration fee* – $300/scout and $155/adult* (*due by 4/22 to
Troop 216 Treasurer*)**
*Regular fees camp fees* – $315/scout and $175/adult* (*due by 5/6 to Troop
216 Treasurer*)**
*Adult fees split in half for partial weeks
**Troop collects all fees and submits one payment to Ingersoll (Early bird
payment due to them by 4/26; all fees paid in full by 5/17

*Additional costs:* meals to and from camp, possible merit badge fees and
Trading Post spending money.

*Camperships *(financial assistance) are available from Ingersoll (3/29
application deadline – see page 39-40 in the attached Leaders Guide), the
Council and from Troop 216. Please contact Steve Kupsky, Annette
Schoeberle, or Gary Gill to discuss further.

*Merit Badge choices due by April 1st:* see pages 17-25 of the attached
Leaders Guide for full details, including prerequisites on pages 24-25.
The *Trailblazer Program* (explained at the bottom of page 25) will have 3
rank specific hours for Tenderfoot, Second Class & First Class scouts (see
page 23 for sessions). Please print out page 23, have your scout make his
choices with their name and rank at the top, then submit to Scoutmaster
Gill or one of the other Assistant Scoutmasters for review and approval.
The approved form should then be provided to Mrs. Gill.

*Medical Forms* (see attached form) – *due by June 10th* to Mrs. Gill for
participating SCOUTS & ADULTS!

Additional details will be forthcoming re: Swim Classification Testing. A
permission slip will be made available in June for completion and
submission prior to departure.


Additional information available on our webpage: www.troop216bsa.com
check the site often for Troop news, resources, calendar updates, etc.

Please note that this email account is not monitored 24/7. If you have a
question for a specific adult leader, please contact them privately.
Troop Committee Chair – Annette Schoeberle afschoeberle@gmail.com
Scoutmaster – Gary Gill gillorang@gmail.com
Advancements – Shane Smith ShanedSmith@outlook.com
Parent Coordinator – Tara Kuhne teeku2002@yahoo.com