Swim Tests & Summer Camp Payment

Hi, Troop 216.

*Swim Test, Sunday 4/11*
As part of the Spring Camporee there will be a canoeing leg of the relay
race as well as an open boating session. Scouts and adults who will be
canoeing will need to be a BSA Swimmer per the Safety Afloat guidelines.
With that in mind, the District has arranged an opportunity for Scouts and
adults to take the swim test. *Swim tests will be available on Sunday,
April 11 at the Edwardsville High School (EHS) pool at no cost.* I have
requested a time slot for later in the afternoon since many of us will be
returning from camp that morning. I will update this as soon as I know the
exact time. *The last date to add names will be Friday, April 9th*, so
please email Martina Bishopp at parzivalxf@yahoo.com no later than that
afternoon. Note: Late arrivals will not get to swim.

Sorry for the short notice. If there are issues making it to this swim test
event, please contact Martina Bishopp at parzivalxf@yahoo.com to discuss

*Summer Camp reminder:*
The initial payment is due 4/5. You’ll need to use the Parent Portal to
make the $150 payment. (See the attached for your ID/PW. If you don’t have
one, let me know. If you want to use the Scout account, also let me know.)
Martina – parzivalxf@yahoo.com


Troop 216 has secured the week of July 18 – 24 to attend summer camp at *S
bar F Scout Ranch* <stlbsa.org/s-bar-f-scout-ranch/>, *Camp
Gamble*. Please
review the Leader Guide
<scoutingevent.com/Download/31258367/OR/2020_SF_Leader_Guide.pdf> for
full details. (Note: This is the 2020 manual, but 2021 should be available


*Due to COVID capacity limits for camp, the Troop has pre-paid $75 to hold
spots for Scouts. The payment schedule is as follows:*

*Initial payment* – $150 to Camp Gamble + reimburse $75 to the Troop by *April
5*, 2021

*Early bird registration fee* – the remaining $130 (for a total of
$355/scout) if paid in full by *May 5*, 2021; the regular registration fee
of $375/scout may be paid until July 16. Note: Scouts who rolled over their
registration fees from 2020 are already paid in full at the 2020 price.

(Adult fees will be divided among attendees; the Troop receives 1-3 100%
adult discounts for certain numbers of scouts registered.)

*Additional costs:* Meals to and from camp, possible merit badge fees and
Trading Post spending money.

*Camperships* (financial assistance) are available from S bar F. Please
contact Steve Kupsky, Diane Gill or Martina Bishopp before you register, to
discuss further.


Except for the $75 payable to the Troop, parents can complete payment and
registration for their scouts online. The Parent Portal
you to enter the scout’s information (such as name, address, dietary
requirements, etc.), pay the registration fees, and select merit badges.
The 2021 Merit Badge Catalog
the available badges, times, and descriptions.

*Each scout or parent will have their own unique **User ID* and *Password* to
log into the Parent Portal
*.* See the attached list for the ID and password for scouts whose parents
have already indicated interest. *If your Scout’s name is not on this list
yet, please contact Martina Bishopp at an upcoming Troop meeting or email
her at **parzivalxf@yahoo.com* <parzivalxf@yahoo.com>* to get an ID and

– When you go to register in the Parent Portal, first review and update
the Scout’s information in the “Update Information” area.
– Merit badges can be selected now, but you will need to keep up to
date on the payment schedule listed above to retain access to
select merit
badges. *Once entered, merit badge selections will be reviewed by a
Troop Leader with notification made if any changes are recommended.*
– *Note*: Online payment is available as a debit from your bank account
or by credit card. If you need to pay another way or use a Scout Account,
please contact Ms. Bishopp.
– *A 100% refund will be provided due to COVID-19 concerns (this
includes anyone who feels uncomfortable attending camp, anyone exposed to
someone with COVID or suspected of having COVID), changes in camp schedules
or formats, or the cancellation of sessions by the council. A refund
request must be submitted for consideration to camping@stlbsa.org
<camping@stlbsa.org> by 8/30.*

*MEDICAL FORMS* are *due by **June 28* to Mrs. Gill or Ms. Bishopp for
participating SCOUTS & ADULTS! Access the forms here
Part C requires your physician to complete it, so be sure to schedule an
appointment for the pre-participation physical.

A permission slip will be made available in June for completion and
submission prior to departure.