Swim Tests & Summer Camp Payment

UPDATE: The swim test time for our Troop will be at 3:30 pm on Sunday.

On Mon, Apr 5, 2021 at 6:20 PM Troop 216 <troop216.bsa@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi, Troop 216.
> *Swim Test, Sunday 4/11*
> As part of the Spring Camporee there will be a canoeing leg of the relay
> race as well as an open boating session. Scouts and adults who will be
> canoeing will need to be a BSA Swimmer per the Safety Afloat guidelines.
> With that in mind, the District has arranged an opportunity for Scouts and
> adults to take the swim test. *Swim tests will be available on Sunday,
> April 11 at the Edwardsville High School (EHS) pool at no cost.* I have
> requested a time slot for later in the afternoon since many of us will be
> returning from camp that morning. I will update this as soon as I know the
> exact time. *The last date to add names will be Friday, April 9th*, so
> please email Martina Bishopp at parzivalxf@yahoo.com no later than that
> afternoon. Note: Late arrivals will not get to swim.
> Sorry for the short notice. If there are issues making it to this swim
> test event, please contact Martina Bishopp at parzivalxf@yahoo.com to
> discuss options.
> *Summer Camp reminder:*
> The initial payment is due 4/5. You’ll need to use the Parent Portal to
> make the $150 payment. (See the attached for your ID/PW. If you don’t have
> one, let me know. If you want to use the Scout account, also let me know.)
> Martina – parzivalxf@yahoo.com
> ———————————-
> Troop 216 has secured the week of July 18 – 24 to attend summer camp at *S
> bar F Scout Ranch* <stlbsa.org/s-bar-f-scout-ranch/>, *Camp
> Gamble*. Please review the Leader Guide
> <scoutingevent.com/Download/31258367/OR/2020_SF_Leader_Guide.pdf> for
> full details. (Note: This is the 2020 manual, but 2021 should be available
> soon.)
> *Due to COVID capacity limits for camp, the Troop has pre-paid $75 to hold
> spots for Scouts. The payment schedule is as follows:*
> *Initial payment* – $150 to Camp Gamble + reimburse $75 to the Troop by *April
> 5*, 2021
> *Early bird registration fee* – the remaining $130 (for a total of
> $355/scout) if paid in full by *May 5*, 2021; the regular registration
> fee of $375/scout may be paid until July 16. Note: Scouts who rolled over
> their registration fees from 2020 are already paid in full at the 2020
> price.
> (Adult fees will be divided among attendees; the Troop receives 1-3 100%
> adult discounts for certain numbers of scouts registered.)
> *Additional costs:* Meals to and from camp, possible merit badge fees and
> Trading Post spending money.
> *Camperships* (financial assistance) are available from S bar F. Please
> contact Steve Kupsky, Diane Gill or Martina Bishopp before you register, to
> discuss further.
> Except for the $75 payable to the Troop, parents can complete payment and
> registration for their scouts online. The Parent Portal
> <scoutingevent.com/?OrgKey=BSA312&reservationFromEmail=true&parentPortal> allows
> you to enter the scout’s information (such as name, address, dietary
> requirements, etc.), pay the registration fees, and select merit badges.
> The 2021 Merit Badge Catalog
> <scoutingevent.com/Download/31272562/OR/2021_Gamble_Class_Schedule.pdf> lists
> the available badges, times, and descriptions.
> *Each scout or parent will have their own unique **User ID* and *Password* to
> log into the Parent Portal
> <scoutingevent.com/?OrgKey=BSA312&reservationFromEmail=true&parentPortal>
> *.* See the attached list for the ID and password for scouts whose
> parents have already indicated interest. *If your Scout’s name is not on
> this list yet, please contact Martina Bishopp at an upcoming Troop meeting
> or email her at **parzivalxf@yahoo.com* <parzivalxf@yahoo.com>* to get an
> ID and password.*
> – When you go to register in the Parent Portal, first review and
> update the Scout’s information in the “Update Information” area.
> – Merit badges can be selected now, but you will need to keep up to
> date on the payment schedule listed above to retain access to select merit
> badges. *Once entered, merit badge selections will be reviewed by a
> Troop Leader with notification made if any changes are recommended.*
> – *Note*: Online payment is available as a debit from your bank
> account or by credit card. If you need to pay another way or use a Scout
> Account, please contact Ms. Bishopp.
> – *A 100% refund will be provided due to COVID-19 concerns (this
> includes anyone who feels uncomfortable attending camp, anyone exposed to
> someone with COVID or suspected of having COVID), changes in camp schedules
> or formats, or the cancellation of sessions by the council. A refund
> request must be submitted for consideration to camping@stlbsa.org
> <camping@stlbsa.org> by 8/30.*
> *MEDICAL FORMS* are *due by **June 28* to Mrs. Gill or Ms. Bishopp for
> participating SCOUTS & ADULTS! Access the forms here
> <scoutingevent.com/Download/31252448/OR/BSA_Heath_Forms_ABC.pdf>.
> Part C requires your physician to complete it, so be sure to schedule an
> appointment for the pre-participation physical.
> A permission slip will be made available in June for completion and
> submission prior to departure.
> Martina
> —
> Additional information available on our webpage: www.troop216bsa.com
> check the site often for Troop news, resources, calendar updates, etc.
> Please note that this email account is not monitored 24/7. If you have a
> question for a specific adult leader, please contact them privately.
> Troop Committee Chair – Mike O’Koniewski okie135@yahoo.com
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