Warren Levis Camp Out 8/7-9 — Permission due 8/3

Parents & Scouts,

Please see the attached permission slip for full details of the camp out at
Camp Warren Levis on August 7-9. Forms may be turned in Monday, August 3,
preferably no later than 7:30 pm so that Scouts can use meeting time to
plan the meals and activities.

*If you have not submitted a new medical form in the past 12 months, please
also bring a new form (Parts A and B) on Monday. See attached for a blank

Below is more information on COVID precautions.

*Self-screening*: CDC guidelines suggest Scouts and adults answer
health-related questions before attending a group event. A health form and
temperature check will be completed the morning of departure.

*Transportation*: The CDC recommends avoiding pooled rides or rides where
multiple passengers are picked up who are not in the same household, so we
will not carpool as usual. Ideally, Scouts will only travel with family.

*Sleeping Arrangements*: One Scout per tent. Please indicate on the
permission slip if the Scout/adult will need a Troop tent or bring their

*Food Prep and Eating*: Guidelines state that as few people should prepare
food as possible. Masks must be worn at all times when handling food.
Everyone will need to eat in isolation; recommend camp chairs with a
minimum of 10 ft apart. Adults will prepare and cook any shared meal.
Alternatively, each individual will prepare and eat their own meal (for
example, MREs or individually packaged food). Disposable plates, cups,
utensils, etc. will be used.

*Mask Wearing*: Masks must be worn when proper 6 ft spacing cannot be

*Distancing*: Boys will be encouraged to not congregate near each other but
maintain spacing of at least 6 ft.

*Cleaning Protocol*: Bathroom will be wiped down 3x per day by an adult
(with bleach wipes). Hand sanitizer will be available in bathroom and in
all common areas. Shared surfaces and equipment will be regularly

Thank you!

Martina Bishopp
*parzivalxf@yahoo.com <parzivalxf@yahoo.com>*